A sanctuary, a place that balances the chaos of everyday life.

My work explores intimate spaces, our thoughts and memories; the unspoken word, our dreams, and remnants of what's left behind. 

Our home and place of birth etches in our memories. It has a sense of belonging and wanting to fit in.

I use architectural spaces and objects as a metaphor for comfort and security to which can quickly move from security and anxiety to pleasure and pain.

Colour is the predominant element in my paintings, prints and drawings. The depiction of light and space is a vital aspect of my work. Creating luminosity through colour layering to capture a mood, feeling and create a sanctuary; a place where something familiar becomes comfortable. An act that can be comforting to the psyche.

I create paintings and work on paper, often they inform each other and sometimes I combine both together. Working from memories of my childhood home I create shapes of objects and spaces. 


Originally from Scotland then moved to Ireland and finally settling in England. After completing a BA (hons) in fine art painting at Wimbledon College of Art in 2006, as a mature student. I studied Art Education and completed a post-graduated with the London Arts Consortium in 2006/7. 

I began a teaching career in the arts 2007 until 2021, where I decided it was the right time to focus on my art practice.

Currently, I work in my studio at home in Surrey, alongside occasional tutoring at Woldingham School in Surrey and individual students through Tutor Hunt. 


Exhibitions and fairs

2005 – Bourne Hall Ewell Village

2006-2008 Wimbledon Art Studios

2009 – Woldingham School teachers group show.

2013 – 15 Arts fair, Donegal, and Limerick, Ireland. 

2018 – Cheam market

2020 – 2022 Surrey Arts Open Studios

2021- 2022 – A Generous Space – Hastings Contemporary. Group show as part of the ASP. Just over 300 artists selected from 5,000 applicants. Work currently on display.

2021 – Art Insania gallery Cheam Village.

2021- Artist residency at the David Lloyd Cheam.

2021 – The Holy Art Gallery – Hackney. Group Christmas show.

2022 - Pink and Poppy Atelier, Meton Abbey Mills.

2022 - Tebbs Contemporary virutal show, April-May 2022.

The schools I have worked at have given her the opportunity to work with many contemporary St. Ives artists, these include Naomi Freers, Jason Lilly, Greg Humphries and John Howard over the past 14 years.